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Many people are concerned about bad breath, otherwise known as halitosis, but are too shy or embarrassed to express their concern.  No need to worry!  Our team understands your concerns and are there to help.  Fighting bad breath starts with a visit to our office.  We will conduct a comprehensive examination of your mouth, complete a thorough cleaning of infected areas and can provide the #1 dispensed fresh breath system!

  #1 Dentist Dispensed Breath Care System

BreathRx fresh breath products make fresh breath easy. The simple 3-Step Brush-Scrape-Rinse system takes just minutes and is clinically proven to give you fresher, cleaner breath all day long.


Step 1: Brush

> The breakthrough toothpaste that fights bad breath before it starts.

> BreathRx toothpaste has Fluoride protection, tarter control and

    fresh breath benefits you want.

> You’ll love its clean taste…and your fresh breath!


Step 2: Scrape

> Tongue scraping may be the most important thing you can do to

     fight bad breath!

> Kill bacteria and reduce bad breath at the source…your tongue.

> You won’t believe the difference tongue scraping can make!


Step 3: Rinse

> The 1-2 punch! Kill bacteria and fight odor-causing Volatile

    Sulfur Compounds (VSCs).

> This powerful rinse helps prevent plaque that leads to gingivitis.

> Breath Rx Mouth Rinse is 100% alcohol-free and sugar free.


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Fresh Breth System at Hamilton dentistry office, Westdale Dental Care, Dundas, Ancaster
Fresh Breth System at Hamilton dentistry office, Westdale Dental Care, Dundas, Ancaster

Fresh Breath System

Westdale Dental Care, Hamilton, Ontario


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